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Monday, March 7, 2016

Dessert - A Runner's Weakness

Double Chocolate Biscotti
I spent the morning updating my Recipes Page to make it easier to locate the recipes I have shared on this blog. I had a difficult time letting go of some of the yummy photos, but now they are much easier to locate. A quick click on the link will take you to the recipe post and there you will find those yummy photos, too!

It’s no surprise that my biggest recipe category is DESSERTS! I know, I know! I’m a runner. Some would suppose that in order to call oneself a runner she must run AND eat healthy – always. Well, some of us runners also believe in moderation. Just because I love desserts does not mean I eat poorly – always. I’ll admit, tho, it’s a good thing that I run.

3 of my Healthy Eating Habits

·         I eat breakfast – always.

·         I cook at home from scratch - most of the time.

·         I grow a garden.

3 of my Poor Eating Habits

·         I often put off lunch until my hunger overpowers my judgement.

·         I LOVE a Costco hotdog with sauerkraut and all the fixings … and a soda.

·         I’m a late afternoon snacker.

3 Ways I could Eat Healthier

·         Drink more water.

·         Plan my snacks

·         Eat more veggies – always. Oh, but I love simple carbs!

While I’m working on my healthier eating, you can visit my Recipes Page and find some healthy recipes as well as some of my favorite desserts. Try them!  You’ll see why I give in to their temptations!

Happy Running!
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