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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday's Training Tip: Check your App

One of my old running buddies joined me for a 3-mile run recently. Our schedules have changed and it has been months since we have been able to run together. She was using a fitness app that came installed on her phone. Holding her phone in her hand she giggled and said, “If I swing my arms when I walk, it thinks I’m running.” Not all apps are created equal.

We followed a three-mile loop that I have measured many times in many ways. I’ve used a GPS, an odometer, and I’ve plotted it on a map. I know the half mile and mile markers. Sure enough, her phone was way ahead of us! It is set to alert pace and distance every mile. At the ¾ mile mark it updated us with a fast pace! At the end of three miles it was congratulating us on our four-mile run and reporting a record performance. My app was spot on and our performance was not very impressive. My running buddy threatened to post our times on social media. I’m glad she didn’t. My relay team would be expecting so much more from me!

Ways to Avoid Inaccurate Data

Use an Odometer – Set your app to record a workout and then drive a distance of one mile. Compare the odometer reading to the distance recorded on the app. Do this a couple of times, but don’t share the recorded workout on social media!

Take it to the Track - Remember a track oval is 400 meters. You will need to switch your settings to record kilometers rather than miles. Four laps should read 1.6 kilometers. Don’t forget to switch the settings back to miles.

Secure your Device – If the app is sensitive enough to record arm swinging, you’ll want to secure it to another part of your body – preferably your waist or hip. Use a running belt or pocket in your running gear. Even upper arm movement can distort your data.

Don’t be fooled into believing you are running farther or faster. You’ll only be discouraged when next you run a 5K or 10K race! The truth is better than fiction. Besides – your real competition is yourself. Learn how you are doing and then work to improve.

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