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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday's Training Tip: When to Take Time Off

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Today's training tips examines when to take time off. While I am an advocate of enduring pain and discomforts. I also know there is wisdom in caution. The tricky part is discerning when to go and when to stop during a workout or training plan. I wrote an entire book about recognizing what kind of discomfort you are experiencing. Today’s discussion deals with knowing when to take time off.

I recently began following a training plan to help me be more consistent in my running. Unfortunately, the weather in Idaho in January is not consistent. The only consistent thing in Idaho’s weather is change.  I postponed a run on a sunny 45 degrees day because I was extra busy and knew I would have more time the next day.  To my dismay, the following day was dumping heavy wet snow! (We pray for precipitation around here, so I can’t complain about the snow – only the timing!) I have endured snowy runs in the past. In fact, I quite enjoy them. However, I spent last summer with an injury that nagged me for six months, so I decided not to risk injury on the slick and snowy roads. I am happy to report that today I am injury free!

When should you take time off?

  • If weather conditions indicate injury is likely.
  • If you have an injury that is aggravated by working out (Sore muscles are not an injury!)
  • If your training plans call for a Rest Day
  • If you are dead

When should you work out?

  • If the weather is warm, cold, windy, or damp
  • If you have an indoor gym, treadmill, swimming pool, etc.
  • If your injury is not worsened by your work out (Not sure? Ask your doctor)
  • If you have new running shoes! (Breaking them in is a fallacy. If the shoes fit, you’ll love your first run in them)
  • If you are breathing.

Of course, there are other excuses that have nothing to do with physical abilities and injuries. Lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of a running buddy and more have an impact on our dedication. Keep visiting on Tuesday’s to get motivated and find more ways to keep moving forward!

Tune in every Tuesday for more training tips and visit my Training Tips page to find all the tips you may have missed.
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Happy Running!
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