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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Guest Blogger: Kimbre writes about house keeping

Meet Kimbre, she is 27 years old. She has 3 boys and is expecting her 4th in May 2016. Kimbre and her husband spend a lot of time not only raising their children in Christ, but helping to raise other children to know Him through their church’s AWANA Club. Kimbre is starting a new chapter of her life as a “stay at home” mom. She is eager to share what she has been learning in this new part of her life.

“Oh for Clean Sake”

Never have I claimed to be a great house keeper or even a good house keeper, for that matter, but always thought that I was at least decent. When I was still working it was easy to shrug off a messy house as my husband and I both worked 40 plus hours a week. Well, now that I stay at home there is no excuse for my lack of effort.

My husband was out of town this week for work and I thought, wouldn’t it be so awesome for him to come home to a spotless house. Ha! What did I do all week? Work on client websites and binge watch How I Met Your Mother, oops. So here it is Friday and the house is a disaster. I put on my best cleaning lady sweats and rubber gloves and get down to it.

Remember how I said I wasn’t even a good house keeper, well I decided today that I wasn’t even decent at it as I started in on my kitchen. My husband has this horrible need to always keep oil in his deep fryer even though it doesn’t have a lid. Because he wasn’t home I decided I was going to empty it. I pull the basket out and put it in hot soapy water, then I go to pour out the oil into a container to throw away when I discover… a dead mouse floating in the oil! Blah. After disposing of the nasty creature and start the fryer to soak I pulled out the microwave to find a field of mouse droppings. We live in the country so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, but I guess that’s what I get for not cleaning that part of my kitchen more often.

After this horrifying cleaning experience, I have decided to spend an hour a day cleaning a specific room. This is on top of the daily dishes and laundry that have to be done, of course.

Monday: Bathroom – shower, counter, sinks, toilet, floors

Tuesday: Living room – vacuum, dust

Wednesday: Office – file, organize, dust

Thursday: Kitchen – floors, counters, sinks, table, cleaning out the fridge

Friday: Light tidying before the weekend

Hopefully you all don’t struggle with keeping a clean house as much as I do, but if you do, I hope my blunders and new cleaning schedule can help you like I hope it will help me.

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