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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday's Training Tip: Find the Joy

Why do you exercise? Is it for the joy, the pure pleasure of the experience? I am a runner. I am not certain I have ever felt the Runners’ High. It eludes me. It might be a myth. I have, however, felt good after a workout. I have felt fantastic while doing other activities because running helps make me strong enough to enjoy them. Hence the phrase, “I don’t love running. Running loves me.” I run to make my life better.

I often find myself dreading the daily run. (Perhaps I should dub it the Sporadic Run because that is often more descriptive.) Recently I flopped down on the living room floor and had a pep talk with myself regarding the reasons I needed to go for a run on that very day. I had to employ my most coercive techniques before I reluctantly agreed that I would feel better after the run than if I lazed away on the sofa for the afternoon. I got off the floor and went for my run and I felt better the rest of the day.

I had a conversation with a couple the other day. I guessed they were in their mid-sixties. Both were in very good physical condition. They mentioned that they go to the gym several days a week. “It’s the best feeling you’ll ever have! And it’s the best $20 you’ll spend all month!” Really?

First - I would like to know the name of that gym that only costs $20 per month! It would be a lot more expensive for me because there is travel involved.

Second – The best feeling in the world is doing something I love with my grandchildren, or maybe eating chocolate! Both of these things are better if I run. I have greater endurance to spend time with my grandchildren, and … well, chocolate consumption has less guilt attached if I run.

For me, the joy usually comes after the run. Sometimes it is immediate as in, “Yay! We’re done!” Often the joy comes when I am doing something different like waterskiing or eating chocolate.

Not all satisfaction or reward in life is immediate. We usually have to wait a time for the payoffs. Exercise is no different. Be patient. Wait for the joy!

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Happy Running!
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