Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cross Training - Because I can't run
It just keep falling!
What do you do when forces beyond your control require you to make a change? It’s January 4th already and the continued snowfall and icy roads indicate I will not be running any time soon. As much as I would like to avoid it, I’ve committed to cross training until the pavement reappears. I’ve long said, “Change is good because it presents an opportunity for growth.” Whether or not we choose to grow – well, that’s up to us. I’m trying to grow. Or perhaps, I am trying to stop growing around my middle!

Today was Day Two of my indoor, group training, weights included, video led, cross training workout. It didn’t kill me. I’ve been using snow shoveling as my cross training, but it mostly makes me sore. There is some cardio involved, but I don’t know if I can honestly count shoveling as cross training.
I’m hoping that by incorporating these workouts into my routine, I will be better prepared when the running begins again. Every winter I vow to “run through it.” I’ve been successful some years and others I have not. This is one of those unsuccessful years.
Winter running tip.

Chocolate Berry Smoothie
The good news is that because I was all warmed up from the workout a cold breakfast smoothie sounded awesome. Rather than hunkering over warm eggs and toast, I indulged in one of my favorites  - Chocolate Berry Breakfast Smoothie. Yum!
Now I’m all cooled down it’s time to do some more snow shoveling cross training! I’ve been praying for adequate precipitation for years, so I’m trying not to murmur. Who knows? Maybe I am growing. I do look forward to the day, however, when the pavement reappears and I can go for a run. I really miss running and I miss my running buddies!

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Happy Running! Carol - aka Running Granny Green

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