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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Training Tip: Cross Training

Go for a ride to break up the monotony
This training tip piggybacks off of my last tip, Strength Training. Cross training can be any physical activity that differs from your regular workout routine.  Strength training is one type of cross training for runners, while running is a form of cross training for wrestlers, football players, or anyone trying to increase endurance for their favorite activity. Running makes me a better skier and biking makes me a better runner.

Here are a few quick benefits of cross training -

  • Engaging in varied physical activities breaks up the monotony of your sport.  No matter how much you LOVE your sport, you can benefit from a change of pace.
  • Cross training can strengthen neglected body parts.  Runners tend to have weak Gluteus Maximus.  This can result in Sciatica issues.  A little strength training and yoga can help.
  • Cross training can expand your social circles.  I love my running buddies, but if I only run, then my workout friends are limited to those few friends who run.  Biking, swimming, and tennis can broaden your circles.
  • Cross training can remind you why you love your sport.  If you find yourself in a rut, take a few days off and do something different.  You may find yourself craving that run, ride, or gym time that you had been dreading.

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Happy Running!