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Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This recipe HERE.
You've got five days left before Valentine's Day.  What are you going to do?  Here are five sweet ideas for your Valentines!
For Your Sweetheart - This idea comes from Hub Pages.  Fill a jar with mixed nuts and add a note that says, "After all these years, I'm still nuts about you!"  Or make up a quote of your own.
For the Kids' lunchboxes - This idea comes from The Cards We Drew.  Include a mandarin orange or nectarine in their lunch with a note that says, "You're a real Cutie!" 
For Your Running Friends - (You know they love a gift!) A pair of new running socks, headband, cheap knitted gloves for the cold days, or even one of these cute new shirts.  They are made of technical fabric - just in time for warmer temps!
For the College Kids - A gift card for a favorite meal.  College kids are always hungry!  You can order online. Try Five Guys, CafĂ© Rio, or Chili's.
For Everyone Else - You can't missed with My Favorite Sugar Cookies!  I'm going to give it a permanent place on my Home Page.  It's that good!
So get busy! You have five more days!
Happy Valentine's Day and ...
Happy Running!