Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Idaho weather running challenges

I love this state. I still sing the state song I learned in the fourth grade, “And here we have Idaho,” but the weather patterns in the spring and fall of the year are so unpredictable that it presents a real challenge to outdoor exercise enthusiasts. Mornings are cool and afternoons are still blazing hot.  Last night I made a date with a friend to go for a bike ride this morning.  Alas, the wind is blowing heavily enough that we opted out.  No need to get blown over!

These changing weather conditions are actually one of the reasons I choose to run.  Although I really dislike running in the wind, there are few excuses to keep me from heading outside for a run.

 Too cold?  Layer up.

Too wet? Don a rain jacket and stay off the dirt roads.

Too snowy?  Well, running in a snowstorm is a lot of fun!

Too hot? Run early or run late.  Better yet, run in those cute wicking outfits you splurged on.

Too dark? That’s what headlamps and running buddies are for.

Too windy?  Yeah, probably.

I don’t always stick to my running schedule, however, the more excuses I can eliminate the more likely I am to be successful. Injuries and wind are my two biggest challenges and even then I can sometimes be found running with both.

What about you? What keeps you from being consistent?

Happy Running!

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