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Monday, April 7, 2014

Warm weather running

Warm weather running, oh how I’ve missed you!  It’s like it happens overnight in the Treasure Valley.  One day I am layering on long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, gloves and headbands, and just a weekend later I am running free in a short sleeved Tee. 

Well, except for the part where it is so warm that sweat stings my eyes as it drips from my brow and the cool down is actually a warm down.

I do enjoy a warm weather run.  I feel ten pounds lighter what with the absence of the sweatshirt and added warm gear.  My muscles don’t protest as much at the beginning of a warm run as they do during colder temps.  Slow as molasses?  Yes, I understand that expression. It is also easier for me to take time to stretch post-run.  When it is cold, I can’t wait to get indoors and into a hot shower!  While this feels absolutely divine, I would be better served to stretch a bit first.  Experience has taught me how important it is to stretch, but oh … that warm water calleth me!

I have to hurry to enjoy it, however.  You see, the seasons change quickly around here and soon I will be going for hot weather runs.  They are almost as challenging as cold weather runs, only opposite.  Instead of adding more layers I plant water bottles in strategic spots and rise early to avoid the heat.

Alas, I must be difficult to please, but I must keep running, and so I shall.  For now, I will bask in the comfort of moderate spring temperatures – at least until the wind comes or it rains.

Question: What weather conditions do you prefer for your outdoor exercise?

Happy Running!