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Friday, October 17, 2014

Recover with a rest day

As I sit here sidelined by an injury I find myself aching to go for a run.  I’ve only been a non-runner for three days.  I have taken breaks longer than that in the past, but this is different.  I know I need to rest for a couple of weeks.  That makes me nervous for a few reasons:
I am afraid I will lose all my conditioning.

I eat when I get stressed!

I believe running boosts my immune system and cold and flu season is upon us.

I will miss my running buddies!
Rest I must, so this is how I am going to address my concerns:

Conditioning - I am going to ride my bike provided it doesn’t aggravate the injuries. I will also remind myself that my recent run workouts have been hindered by the injury and probably haven’t contributed much to conditioning.  And … when I return to running my fitness level will return.
Stress – That’s gonna be a tough one. I will attempt to control my food buying so there are few goodies at my fingertips. Until we get a hard frost I still have fresh vegetables in my garden.

Immune System – Attempt to control stress, rest,  and eat properly. (Foods to Strengthen ImmuneSystem).
Running Buddies – I will have to get creative and stay in touch via texting, emails, and Facebook.  This shouldn’t be a problem!

I can already see the silver lining of this cloud. Time off can mentally re-energize a runner.  As I said before, I am aching for a run and I haven’t yet missed more days than I do on any given week.  It’s the idea of not running that is getting to me. When I can finally return to my routine, I will be ready to devote the energy required to regain my running fitness. 
I can hardly wait for my next run.  This time off is driving me crazy!

Happy Running!