Thursday, December 28, 2017

Firsts of 2017

My amazing relay team!
It’s time once again to review my year and see what things I have experienced for the first time during the last twelve months. I’m a believer in lifelong learning. A look back helps me evaluate how I am doing in this lifelong quest. Here are a few of the things I learned from in 2017. Some were purposeful and one was a matter of survival!

  • Spied my first snowshoe hare in Wyoming and drove over Cheyenne Pass in a blizzard!
  • Discovered good Mexican food east of the Rockies in Stuart, Iowa.
  • First Power Point presentation at the ICAN Spring Writers' Conference.
  • Participated in my first Vale Fourth of July 5K. I'm going back.
  • First Spokane to Sandpoint Relay.
  • I splurged on my first gel manicure and I love it!
  • Visited the California Redwoods for the first time! Wow!
  • Saw a cranberry bog for the first time.
  • I endured the Winter of 2017 complete with the crashing down of my patio cover at midnight! I also shoveled snow off my roof and did finish work on my new patio pergola as a result of Winter of 2017.

Tell me about your year. What did you do or learn how to do for the first time?

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Happy Running!
- Carol aka Running Granny Green
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