Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Get Away to the Oregon Coast

Arch Rock near Gold Beach
This trip to the Oregon Coast and California Redwoods was long overdue! Gratefully, things like Giant Sequoias, Coastal Redwoods, ancient Myrtle trees, and the rocky Oregon coastline endure so tardy travelers like us can enjoy them whenever we get around to visiting. The sights and sounds of the trip did not disappoint, even with snow, wind, and rain!

Our drive took us along US-199 north of Crater Lake (we didn’t stop as the snow and low clouds promised a poor view) and through Prospect, OR where we took a side trip to view a natural bridge on the Rogue River. I recommend taking time for this short hike – rain or shine.

We stopped in Crescent City, CA and asked the volunteers at the Park Headquarters Information Center where our best views would be given the rainy conditions. Following their advice, we drove US-101 south, stopping at the Klamath River Overlook and then on to Exit 765 where we followed the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway.
It was amazing! Humongous trees, lush undergrowth, drizzling rain, and an occasional yellow Banana Slug made for an eerie experience for this high desert dweller. I could almost imagine Sasquatch residing amongst the moss and ferns – if I believed in Sasquatch!

I think Sasquatch lives here ...
... or maybe here!

We chose Gold Beach as our headquarters for the next couple of days and wandered north as far as Coos Bay and south again to Brookings. Gold Beach is small and quiet, just like we like our towns!

The cranberry bogs near Bandon intrigued us and we resisted the temptation to trespass. We would have loved to get our hands on one of those plants to learn more about their tart fruit.

Gold Beach
Whaleshead Beach
The weather cleared on our last day and we enjoyed some beach time, a hike to an ancient Myrtle tree, and beautiful scenery along the water. I especially appreciated the rock formations! I guess it’s in my genes.

As the climate transitioned from coastal to high desert on our drive home, I was once again struck by the beauty of the open skies of Eastern Oregon and Idaho. I loved the visit to the Oregon coast with its greenery and crashing waves, but I still love my Idaho skies and the open vistas of the desert. After all, I’m not that crazy about slugs.
And ... no, I didn't go for a run all weekend!

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