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Monday, July 27, 2015

Why did I write this book - The Hard Run?

Why did I write The Hard Run? Perhaps a better question is:  “For whom did I write The Hard Run?” Some might assume it was written for runners – after all, it is a book about running, right? Actually, The Hard Run is a book about pain and it is targeted at anyone who might need to better understand their relationship with pain.
A relationship with pain?  That might sound odd at first, but I believe we all have relationships with pain, just as we have relationships with food, money, clothing, and entertainment. To understand one’s relationship with pain, she must first understand that all pain is not equal;  therefore, our reactions to pain should not always be the same.

For instance, the section of the book titled, “When Pain Means STOP!” deals with those kinds of pain that should be stopped or avoided. Some people have a relationship with pain in which they feel ALL pain must be stopped or avoided.  They often miss out on great opportunities for growth. Others tend to ignore pain – ALWAYS – ignoring those things that are truly causing damage to themselves or others.

The section of the book titled, “When Pain Means DON’T  STOP!” examines those kinds of discomforts that are actually good. Enduring these creates growth and experience. As I have written in the book, I have learned that pain is more often friend than foe. However, it is a mistake to think that ALL pain should be endured.
The last section of the book, “When Pain Means PROCEED WITH CAUTION!” looks at the pains of life that just happen.  Many of them enhance our experiences.  Many of them are beyond our control.  Learning to appreciate the discomforts that are simply a part of life, like sore muscles after a fun physical exertion, or brief setbacks that help us appreciate days of ease and plenty, will increase one’s enjoyment of her mortal existence.

Do you have a healthy relationship with pain?  Do you avoid it at all costs or ignore warning signs that are meant to keep you safe? Can you think of times that pain brought a sweet smile to your face as you remember the joy that preceded it?

If you would like to learn more about the lessons I’ve learned about pain and discomfort through running, you can find the book on my AmazonPage, or obtain a signed copy through my Etsy shop.
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