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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Time flies, but the grass doesn’t lie.

That grass was loooong!
I have a problem with time. It escapes me. Where did June go?  I wrote only four new blog posts in June. Four! My goal is four per week. Perhaps I was too busy to notice that things were changing. If it weren’t for these telltale signs I might not believe the month was over. The grass doesn't lie.
  • The lettuce has gone to seed and the beets are ready to eat.
  • Local farmers have begun combining grain.
  • The robins have flown the nest.
  • The cross country team is doing open runs late at night to beat the heat.
  • I’m feeling a little pressure to get my relay team geared up for the GTR 2015.
Then there is the grass. Our lawn mower needed to go to the lawn mower hospital. It spent five weeks there. The grass didn’t forget about time. It grew, and grew, and grew! It was an eyesore, at least to those of us who usually keep it well-trimmed. Friends would comment, “Oh, it doesn’t look that bad!” They are nice friends, but unlike the grass, they lie.

It was with great pleasure that I mowed my lawn yesterday. It was hot outside, but the satisfaction I gained from seeing the long blades evenly trimmed was worth it. Funny, the absence of the lawn mower made my heart grow fonder.
Perhaps that is a condition of our mortal nature. We don’t appreciate some things until we have to go without them. Most days I dutifully mow, not out of a desire to mow, but rather out of a feeling of obligation. This time I had been anxiously awaiting the return of the mower. I hope I can retain that same desire and sense of satisfaction as the summer wears on – and it will wear on. All I have to do is watch the grass to know that time is flying by.  The grass doesn’t lie.

Happy Running!

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