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Friday, May 1, 2015

It’s May! How did the time pass so quickly?

I am surprised how quickly the first third of 2015 has passed!  It’s already May.  “May Day!” Perhaps that distress call was coined because those in peril felt sudden panic similar to the surprise that the rest of us feel when we realize the month of May is suddenly upon us. Where did the time go? Where did April go? My attention must have been directed to uncommon things.  Here are a few of them.
We’ve had a life altering experience in that my husband changed jobs this spring.  It has been both challenging and rewarding. We are growing through the experience while both of us learn to adjust to new skills (I’ve been packing him a lunch every day!) and schedules.
I’ve taken on new business opportunities like this one and I am learning to “put myself out there” a little more. I’m also venturing into the realm of book coaching and that is another learning experience.

Some of my favorite people

My illustrator, Margaret.
I had a visit from some of my favorite people throughout April and my focus was on spending time with them.  I didn’t neglect all of my work!  In fact, my favorite little illustrator and I published my first children’s book. What fun we had! Stay tuned to learn more!

Now it is May.  My company is gone.  I harvested new spinach from my garden yesterday. I’ve committed myself and some friends to the Grand Teton Relay in August for which I must prepare! It’s time to mow lawns and market books and continue to learn new things. It will soon be autumn!
This sudden arrival of May leaves me thinking …
Does time pass while we are living life or do we let life pass while we are watching the time?
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