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Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Mood Mender: Gary Learns to Skate

On this Monday Mood Mender I want to introduce my newest book, GaryLearns to Skate, a collaboration of efforts with my granddaughter, Margaret Marie Olson.  I had been delaying publishing it and waiting for just the right illustrator. Maggie often sends me her artwork as a gift or thank you. While she was visiting it occurred to me that she might be the “right illustrator” for this project. She worked hard to capture the feel of the book and I am pleased to be able to share it with you.
Skating Flamingo!
In case you have any doubts about the artistic abilities of a six year-old, take a look at this little guy!
He's cute enough to steal, but notice he has a copyright!
This is just a sample of the fun illustrations that make this book special. (It doesn't hurt that the illustrator has a special place in my heart!)
You can find the book, Gary Learns to Skate, in all the usual places - send me a message, or visit me on Etsy, or Amazon. Stop by my Author Page on Amazon and see what else is new!

Happy Running!

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