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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Season Winds Down

Cross Country season is nearing its end with only one more meet for the middle school team and the district meet approaching for the high school team.  Here are a few things I have observed over the season.
Kids are tougher than they think.  Although it takes time for them to discover, it is okay to experience pain for a few minutes.  It will surely end when you stop running.  The trick is to endure the pain long enough to finish the race.

Bribery can help kids run faster.  They don’t even need to know what the prize is, “If you PR, I will bring you a special treat next week.”  It worked!   Most of the team set a Personal Record.

Middle school athletes cannot hear their teammates.  This is apparent from their constant chatter at the coach.  I had to remind them often that I had only two ears and one brain; therefore they would need to address me one at a time.
I’m gonna miss them - their aches and pains, their constant inquiries about today’s workout, their need for encouragement, and treats – it all kind of entertains and amuses me!  Besides, I always love to see kids push themselves, even if it does take all season to convince them to do it.