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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Runners Unite!

I know, I have mentioned before how much I like Cross Country, but today was especially fun.  No school meant a rare mid-morning run.  A race yesterday meant an easy recovery run today.  Cool weather meant, “Hallelujah!”

None of those things were the best part.  Practice was optional because many students were out of town for the long weekend.  When Bart (the name has been changed to protect the slothful) didn’t show up for practice, the team was perplexed.  Nobody thought Bart was out of town.  A half mile warm-up was announced prior to the three-mile recovery run.  When the entire team failed to turn right on the warm-up course the coaches yelled, “Hey, where are you going?” (These two coaches were serious about doing an easy warm-up pace!)
The team answered, “We’re going to get Bart!”

That’s a Cross Country team for you.  They didn’t phone or text to nag Bart about practice, they simply ran to get him!
I love Cross Country!