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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The goal is so close and yet so far

Will's Hill.  Halfway point on one of our runs.
I’ve hit that point in my half marathon training when I just want it to be over. I’m enjoying my training partner, and I always feel good after the workout, but the anticipation of the long runs and speed work days is starting to get to me.  My legs are tired. We have just over two weeks until race day.  Only two more long runs and two more speed workouts loom before we reach the goal.  I know I can make it.  I just need to get my head in the game – recommit if you will. 
Training for a road race, especially a half marathon (I wouldn’t know about marathon training and I doubt I ever will) is much like any other path towards a goal.  How often do we get so close and yet the end is far enough away that we consider aborting the mission?  We begin to doubt our ability to achieve the goal that once seemed so worthy, so attainable. How can we recommit?

Sometimes it helps me to look from whence I came.  For instance, before the training began I was logging about ten miles per week – often fewer.  I wasn’t timing any workouts so I didn’t know how fast or slow I was running.  After a ten-miler on Saturday I will have logged 26 miles this week.  That does not include walking miles to warm up and cool down.  I have also cut 30-40 seconds off my average per mile pace over a three-mile run.  I have made a new friend in Kelli who has enriched my life.

I made some commitments this summer for which this training will help me prepare.  First is the Fitfor Life Half Marathon.  I ran it last year and I am hoping to beat my time.  We runners call that a PR (Personal Record).  After this race I can cut my mileage back just a bit, but not too much as I am doing the Burley Spudman Triathlon two weeks later with my good buddy, Paulee. My run leg is a 10K (6.2 miles) so I should be well prepared for the distance.  Again, I am hoping to beat my time from last year. Lastly, and probably craziest of all is the Grand Teton Relay two weeks after the Spudman.  My training has prepared me for the distance, but the elevation could be my nemesis! You can expect a full report sometime after I have recovered.
I’m feeling better already!  This quick evaluation of my progress towards my goals has changed my perspective. I can get through the next seven timed workouts.  I can do the long runs and the speed work.  They will help prepare me for the race.

I encourage you to evaluate your progress towards a goal.  Maybe it is possible, after all, to write your novel, kick that bad habit, or reduce your debt load.  Take a look at from whence you have come.  You may be farther down the path than you thought!

Happy Running!