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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tempo training in the rain

Soggy runners!
Today was one of those running days that could have gone very wrong, as in I may have opted out!  My bed felt so nice this morning and the birds were quiet because it was raining.  It was the perfect combination for hunkering down and staying indoors. I've been praying for rain. However, I am in training for a half marathon and my running buddy was counting on me.  I could have talked her out of it had we not been training.  That’s the beauty of preparing for a race. It keeps me dedicated. I use the term “dedicated” loosely. 
So it was that we found ourselves on a five mile workout with a three mile Tempo Run in the middle – in the rain.  The rain was actually kind of nice, until we stopped.  The cool down came quickly, as did the shivers! I was soaked through all my layers, but we were under our prescribed pace!

I’m warm now and the rain is still falling softly. I’m glad I did the run and I am very grateful for the rain. I am also grateful for race training – it keeps me moving.  Here is a short list of things that are good about training.

Training keeps me on a schedule.
It gives me goals I might not set for myself.

I get to eat snacks on the long runs.
I actually do long runs.

Rain, wind, sleet, or fire – we run!
If you are having difficulty staying on schedule with your running/exercise routine, maybe committing to a fitness event is the answer.  It works for me!

Question: Do you have a training tip you would like to share?
Happy Running!
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