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Monday, June 16, 2014

An easy two miles

A runner's view in Erie, PA
Today was an easy two mile run.  I remember the days when I would never have considered two miles “easy.”  It’s all about perspective, I guess.  My running buddy, Kelli, raced hard in the Old Fort Boise Days Fun Run on Saturday. I was so proud of her! I sat this one out, mostly for logistics.  There were too many places to be and not enough Me!

Back to my two easy miles – Kelli was sore from her race and our half marathon training plan said today’s run was a 2-miler at an easy pace.  That is a good distance for a recovery run. It was cool outside which makes running more comfortable.  I forgot my watch, and that’s okay.  We have been easily under the prescribed training paces on most of our workouts, even with each of us taking time off to travel.  Except, now I’m wondering how fast we were on that easy two miles. We discussed the usual – running shoes, who passed her during the race, religion, running aches and pains, who she passed during the race, cool downs, stretching, our kids – the same things friends discuss whenever they are together with a stronger emphasis on running stuff.

When I left the house this morning my hubby said, “Have a good run.”  I replied, “It’s always a good run when it’s just two miles.”

Just two miles.  Yes, two miles used to seem far, but we have a 9-miler planned later this week.  Nine is far.  Two is just a warm-up, unless, of course, it’s at the end of a race.  Then it’s an eternity!

Like I said, it’s all about perspective.

Happy Running!