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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tempo Run - Ugh!

Today’s training schedule said “Tempo Run.”  Tempo runs are almost harder for me than speed work.  It’s early in the training, so the tempo run was only two miles - two miles just under race pace. The problem with a training run is there is no adrenaline boost like there is on race day, so the tempo run feels like race pace!
I did a warm up mile, stretched, and gave myself a pep talk.  Then I set off on mile one, hurrying to ensure I was on pace with the time the schedule prescribed. After mile one I was 26 seconds under the required time – and I was exhausted! Mile two of the tempo run was a bit slower.  Still, I came in 22 seconds under pace.  I ran a slow cool down mile and now my legs feel like noodles – and I am starving! 
The best part was … I beat the rainstorm that was chasing me!
Question: What part of race training do you dread? How do you conquer your fear?

Happy Running!