Thursday, June 28, 2018

Coming Home to Montana

My first shoes!

As I have had the opportunity to return to the land of my roots, there are a few things that I bring with me that have their origin (as close as I can determine) here as well. In my most recent blog post I promised to share some of the items, besides myself, that have returned to Montana. 
The first, and obviously the sweetest, are these baby slippers that were worn with tissue stuffed in the toes to keep them on my feet. I have ogled and treasured them long as I can remember.They were once worn by my own dark haired little girl and then tucked safely away for another time. If you visit, you’ll find them displayed on the wall of our guest room.

Antique dresser from Conrad
The second is this gorgeous dresser. Once covered with blue antique stain, it was hiding its character for many years. I discovered its beauty as I prepared to paint it yellow for my nursery when I was expecting my first child. It, too, came from somewhere near Conrad, Montana. I also discovered my sisters’ initials carved into the top! This dresser now greets visitors as they enter my front door.

The third item I share today is one of several Hoya plants. They are the only indoor plants that thrive in my care! Some friends have tried, in vain, to improve my talents. Perhaps I am not much of a nurturer. This very plant had its origins somewhere in Montana. It is a start from the one I call “The Mother Plant” that my own mother obtained while living here. It followed her to Idaho and now this piece of it returns. Hoyas must truly thrive in this area and climate. I have seen countless healthy, blooming plants in homes and businesses since returning to my roots. I’m anxious to see how my plants embrace their big adventure!

The only plants that
thrive in my care!
Lastly, my dad’s green Thermos. It may have begun its journey long before Montana, but I’m certain it was here – sometime and somewhere. It has long since lost its stopper and cup, but it has a presence that stirs warm feelings and faint memories for me.

Dad's Thermos ... and a rooster!
I am certain to run across more items and memories as this journey continues. How poetic, tho, that these things should make a return. After many years and many moves around Idaho, just like me, they have come home to Montana.

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