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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Warm Weather Running for Beginnners

Hot summer weather is taking its toll on my running efforts. I’m trying to train for the Burley Spudman Triathlon 2016 and prepare myself for the Grand Teton Relay 2016, but the heat is beating me! I’ve also had some travel and camping outings (a total of three weeks in June) that have interrupted my training, but I am pressing forward.

Monday’s run felt good – better than expected after a week of bounteous food and shortened nights at a church camp. I was surprised! Tuesday, however, arrived hot and slow. My attempt at a 5 mile run with a hill turned into a 4 mile run/walk/hike/complaining session. It was warm, but I also allowed my head to undermine me. Thoughts of heat exhaustion, my age, and my slow pace all worked against me. I think I may turn off the updates on my running app next time I know I’m going up against hot weather and hills. The slow pace reports can be discouraging.

I took the day off on Wednesday and got an earlier start on Thursday. I don’t like 5:30 am. The only thing I enjoy at that hour is sleep. However, the weather promised to be hot and The Mister and I needed a run, so we rolled out early and enjoyed a much cooler workout. It was the only way to beat the heat today. Unfortunately, my upcoming events promise to include some hot weather so I’m doing the following to prepare.

Try this:

  • This is how I felt on Tuesday!
    Do a few shorter workouts (1-2 miles) during hot weather.
  • Plan to hydrate well before the workout or race and along the route.
  • Expect slower times and take walk breaks if necessary.
  • Long runs should be done during the coolest part of the day. That may mean losing some of your precious sleep!

Like a fellow runner recently stated, “Safe is better than dead!”
Running can still be done during the hot weather, but be prepared to adjust your workouts and your expectations. Warm weather running should be done cautiously, and remember - cooler days are just around the corner!

Do you have a warm weather training tip? Please share it in the comments below.
Happy Running!
- Carol aka Running Granny Green
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