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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eating on the run

We all know that it is rude to just eat and run, but in the world of runners, eating while running is a must. When I began running six years ago I could eat nothing prior to a run and my stomach took some time to settle down after a run.  Even drinking water before a run was flirting with danger.  If it went down too close to run time it would most surely come back up.  I eventually learned to sip water mid-run and live.

While training for my first half marathon (read about it here) I learned that I had to eat something during longer workouts.  If I did not, my legs would quit on me.  So began the experimentation with gels and fruit snacks, protein bars and peppermint candy, and gum.  I settled on a combination of gels and fruit snacks. (Yes, regular kid tested by them at the grocery store fruit snacks.)

I have been training with a new running buddy for the Fit for Life Half in Boise on July 12. I convinced her to try eating on the run and we began experimenting again.  We’ve come to this conclusion:

Jelly Belly® Sport Beans are the best mid-run fuel because …
  • They taste good.
  • The packaging is easy to open.
  • You can carry them in one hand and pop two or three at a time rather than consuming the whole package at a water stop.

Gatorade®Prime Energy Chews are a close second because …
  • They taste good.
  • They are soft and go down quickly, but …
  • The packaging is difficult to open. I would recommend repackaging these before the race in snack size zipper bags.

I am still sticking with Power Bar® Protein Bars before and after the run.  My favorite?  Caramel Peanut Fusion.  Yum!

With any luck the mid-run fuel will help to carry us through on Saturday. Oh, and gum.  I can’t run without my peppermint gum!

Happy Running!
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