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Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm still running ...

Boy!  Time slips by when you have a lot of projects underway!  It’s time for a Running Granny update.  Yes, I have been running, but I am in that lull between Cross Country season and Race Season.  Cold weather can be a deterrent, but that’s not my excuse.  I usually don more clothes and brave the cold.  It’s all the other distractions that make me struggle.  The Christmas season is always a distraction – busy, busy, busy!  I kept running, mostly out of fear that I would expand like a balloon what with all the reasons to celebrate with food!  I’ve been writing and editing and publishing.  Finally!  I took a little trip to the tropics.  You can get a brief overview with photos HERE.  While in Maui I found time for two runs.  I even used MapMyRun just to prove I was there.  We also managed to work in a nice hike to this waterfall.  Beautiful! 
Now I am back in the saddle again, as the old cowboy sang - still running, hoping to be skiing, marketing this new book, and gearing up to write the next one.  Readers of this blog might look forward to it.  I haven’t determined a title yet, but runners will be able to relate and I hope that non-runners will enjoy it, too.  I am hoping that it will inspire folks to push through pain a little more and learn from the uncomfortable experiences they have already endured.  I will keep you all posted on the progress. 
In the meantime, Happy Running!