Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Returning to my Roots

One year-old Running Granny Green

Several decades ago a baby girl was born in the Golden Triangle of Montana along the Eastern Front of the Rocky Mountains not far from the Canadian border. Her family moved away in her first year of life and she never expected to return – yet here I am! Much like a salmon returning upstream I find myself residing only miles from the place of my birth! Who would have ever foreseen this? I truly am returning to my roots!

My Montana Home
In the past weeks and months, I have been occupied with packing and unpacking boxes, purchasing and selling homes, saying goodbye to dear friends and making new acquaintances, and simply adjusting to life on the other side of the Continental Divide!

There are bears here! There are also antelope, deer, bald eagles, pelicans, bats, Canadian geese (of course), and the occasional river otter. The river otter is subject for another blog post. I have yet to spy a bear, but my better half spotted one on the way to work recently. I was both frustrated and jealous. Jealous that he saw one before me and frustrated that I may, indeed, need to carry bear spray!

The wind blows – a lot! I have learned that if I am going to run regularly I will have to brave the wind. I’ve done my share of complaining about it in the past. How silly of me!  Treasure Valley winds cannot compare.

I have a lake! Well, its not my own private lake, but its about a half mile from my house, so its kind of my lake. But there’s bears, so …  And lots of wind, so … white caps! However, it gets so cold here that the lake freezes over in the winter. I may be ice skating again!

Huckleberry ice cream! Enough said.

Lake Frances at sundown
Some things that haven’t changed …

My cinnamon rolls. Once I located my bread machine I was back in baking mode. They turned out just right!

Laundry. That never changes!

Interesting friends. Wherever I go there are good people to get to know. Although I miss my friends from the “Old Country,” I know they will forever be in my heart and in my phone contacts! I’m looking forward to getting to know my Montana mates. I have not yet found one who wants to run with me. Tragic!

Running and injuries. I’m fighting a foot problem right now. I guess I’m still learning to have patience. At least I have an excuse not to run in the 25 mph winds today!

I will be sharing more of my adventures in coming weeks. Watch for things returning to Montana (besides me), my view from Valier, escape from a river otter, and more! Until then, remember to embrace whatever opportunities for adventure come your way. Who knows? You may also get an opportunity to return to your roots.
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Happy Running!
Carol - aka Running Granny Green

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